It’s time.

Decibel Guitars is looking for a new home.

It’s been almost exactly a decade since I began to lay the groundwork for what would become Decibel Guitars.

From the beginning, I received overwhelmingly positive response to the designs I created. The Javelin and AMX were the product of over 20 years of drawing and refinement of designs I began to work on in 1987. They represent the pinnacle of my passion for guitars and design, and I am immensely proud of the small number of instruments I was able to craft and get into customers’ hands.

Decibel Javelin

Although I am no longer actively building guitars, I believe that the Javelin and AMX designs and the Decibel brand still have tremendous value, and they deserve to live on with a new owner who can put them into more players’ hands.

So with that in mind, Decibel Guitars is officially for sale.

What does that mean, exactly?

Most physical assets have already been sold off, and all business obligations have been resolved, so this is primarily about seeking a buyer for the intellectual property associated with Decibel:

Decibel AMX

I’d like to hear from interested parties, and have an open dialogue about the brand, the guitars, and their future. I want them to be in good hands, and I will happily work with new owner(s) to transfer all assets to them.

I’ll still be designing guitars. I might still build a few here and there. But Decibel won’t be coming back under my guidance. It’s time for someone else take it over and run with it.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me, who helped and inspired me over the years, and especially those who stood by me when things got tough. Your enthusiasm and support has meant more than you can imagine.